How To Use

Prepare The Skin

Prepare the skin and hair follicles for effective hair removal by making them more pliable, which allows for smoother & easier hair removal without drying the skin.

Applying a Pre-Depilatory lotion helps to prevents potential discomfort, skin irritation, redness, and ingrown hairs.


Sugaring Step By Step

This quick and easy method allows for effective hair removal with minimal fuss using sugar paste. Adjust the amount of paste and the size of the area you work on based on your comfort and experience with sugaring.

Step 1


  1. Warm a small amount of sugar paste.
  2. Apply the paste onto clean, dry skin against the direction of hair growth.

Step 2


  1. Press a wax strip onto the applied sugar paste.
  2. Quickly pull the strip in the direction of hair growth to remove both the paste and unwanted hair.

Repeat as Needed:

  • Continue applying the sugar paste to different sections of the skin and removing hair until you've covered the desired area.

Step 3

Clean Up

If any residue remains on the skin, wipe it off with water. Sugar paste is water-soluble and easy to clean.

We recommend using warm water and a cloth or paper towel.